Our motto is that the satisfied guest is the best advertisement. We have designed the whole functioning of the Camping to serve this purpose. Try us!


How can I book?

You can book easily and quickly via the website. There is no extra charge for booking. Reservations are confirmed within 24 hours.

When do I have to pay the accommodation fee? Upon arrival I will not have Hungarian currency (forint) with me.

The accommodation fee can be paid at check-out and only in cash.

Do you need a deposit or reservation fee?

We do not require any advance payment or reservation fee in our Camping. Therefore, in case of cancellation, we kindly ask our guests to contact us 48 hours before the day of arrival the latest.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to pay with credit or debit card. We can only accept cash, forint or Euro in the Camping. There are several ATM machines in the immediate vicinity of the campsite, so you can easily and conveniently withdraw money.

Do you accept Euro?

Yes, in our Camping you can pay with EURO in addition to forint - but in cash only.

Do I need to book in advance, or do you always have free spaces?

The enlarged area of the campsite has free space for caravans or tents in most parts of the year. However, if you wish to stay at Aréna Campsite during holiday season (New Year's Eve, Easter, Pentecost, Formula 1, Sziget Festival) or in August, then reservation is recommended. 

What do I need for check-in?

For check-in, we require only one person's valid ID, passport or any other type of valid identification card with a photo on it, per caravan.

Would it be a problem to arrive at night?

In the summer, you are free to arrive at night, thanks to our night guard service. Our night guard will be waiting for you if you come between 11pm and 7am. You may arrive at night in other periods of the year, as well. In this case, please choose a place in the camping area. The next morning, between 7am and 11am, please come to the reception and check in with a valid identity card, passport or any other type of valid identification card with a photo on it. Thank you.

Do you have Wi-Fi? 

Yes, the campsite has Wi-Fi, which is free of charge. Furthermore, our guests can use the computer and printer at the reception for free.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, of course. Our campsite is perfect for dog-lovers because of its peaceful, natural location.

Can dogs also travel by public transportation?

Sure. Small dogs can be transported in a cabin sized, closed carrying box, cage or bag suitable for animals. In this case, you do not need to buy an extra ticket for them.

Large dogs that are not being transported in a carrying box, cage or bag can only travel on a leash and with an attached muzzle. In this case a special ticket is required for the dog.

One passenger is allowed to transport only one dog by public transport.

Until when can I check out?

Check-out is possible until 3 pm on the day of departure. We charge an extra fee for checking out later than 3 pm!

When will the entrance of the campsite be closed?

The main entrance of the campsite is always open, so you can come in or leave even at night.

I want to stay longer than I planned, what should I do?

We will be thankful if you notify our colleague at the reception about the change.

Do I have to pay a surcharge in case of leaving earlier?

No, there is nothing to do, except for informing our colleague at the reception about the change. No surcharge is to be paid.

We would like to stay in a tent and we plan to come by car. Is there any possibility to park next to our tent?

For us the most important is the comfort of our guests, so of course you can park your car next to the tent.

I left my hairdryer at home. Could you help me?

Sure, we can provide a hairdryer upon request.

Do you have a power adapter?

Yes, we do and we provide it free of charge to our guests. We only ask for a deposit of 20 EUR / 6,000 HUF.

Where can I change money?

There is a possibility to change money (for a small amount) at the reception. The nearest exchange offices are located in the Sugár and Árkád Shopping Centers.

Is the Camping open during winter?

Yes, Aréna Camping is open every day of the year and welcomes its guests. During the colder autumn and winter periods the sanitary block is heated and  warm temperature is provided inside.

Is it possible to heat my caravan in winter with electricity?

No, heating the caravan / camper with electricity is not allowed! Thank you for your understanding.

Is there any shop nearby? Where can I buy bread?
You will find the Spar and Aldi supermarkets nearby, where you can buy fresh baked goods from 7 am. On holidays, you can go to a non-stop Spar Express store at the OMV petrol station.

Is there any shop nearby? Where can I buy bread?

You will find the Spar and Aldi supermarkets nearby, where you can buy fresh baked goods from 7 am. On holidays, you can go to a non-stop Spar Express store at the OMV petrol station.

Where is the closest place to have breakfast?

A 3-minute walk from our camping site, at the CEU Restaurant our guests can eat at a reduced price (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The restaurant serves international and Hungarian dishes. The restaurant is open from 7 am both on weekdays and on weekends.

What are the best restaurants in the vicinity of the campsite?

Best restaurants near the campsite:

Nosztalgia Restaurant in Kistarcsa can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes by car from the campsite, where guests can find Hungarian artisanal cuisine. In addition, guests of the Camping will receive a selected glass of wine upon arrival. Please indicate that you are a guest of Arena Camping.

The Trófea Grill Zugló Restaurant in Budapest has a buffet service, all you can eat system. The restaurant is only 15 minutes' drive from the Camping.

The dog friendly Menza Restaurant at Liszt Ferenc square in Budapest also has delicious Hungarian dishes awaiting visitors.


Which is the easiest, shortest way to get to the city centre?

The bus to Örs vezér tere metro station (terminal) stops in 2 minutes walking distance from the campsite. From Örs vezér tere you can reach Deák Ferenc tér (city center) after 6 stops.

Where can I buy tickets for the bus / metro / tram?

A ticket machine is located at the bus stop 2 minutes from the campsite, where you can use cash, credit or debit cards.
In Budapest, you can also buy a day ticket that can be used on any vehicle for 24 hours, so it is not necessary to buy a separate ticket for each ride.

Is there any discount for children on public transport?

Every child under the age of 6 can use public transport for free, but from the age of 6 a full-price ticket is required.

Is it true that people above the age of 65 can travel for free on public transport in Budapest?

Yes, it is, if you are a citizen of a Member State of the European Union (or the European Economic Area), you can use all public transport means (bus, metro, tram, trolleybus) free of charge from the day of your 65th birthday. If checked, you can prove your age with any official document.

How much does taxi cost from the Camping to the city center?

About HUF 6,000 or 15 EUR, this may vary depending on where you want to travel.

We are a group of people wanting to stay in tents coming by bus. Is it possible to park the bus?

Yes, of course. We have built a comfortable car park at the campsite, even for large buses. This is free of charge for our guests.

We are traveling with children. What type of leisure time activities can you offer for them in the Camping?

A children's playground and a sandbox are available for them.

Is there any possibility to cook in the Camping?

Yes, there is a fireplace in the Camping, which is free to use for our guests.

Is there any possibility for barbecue in the Camping?

Yes, the Camping has a designated outdoor fireplace where you can cook or for barbecue. If required, we will provide cauldron, spits, firewood and ax free of charge.

We are coming by bicycles. Is there a safe place to store our valuable bicycles?

Yes, your bicycle will be safe in the Camping. For your sake of rest, we can store your bicycle in a place that can be locked.

Of course, this service is free of charge, as well.

It is important for me to protect the environment. Is the Camping eco-friendly?

Every year, the functioning of the Camping is becoming more environmentally friendly. Garbage is collected selectively, used batteries are stored separately and a bottle shrink device is available. The grassland, trees, bushes and flowers are watered with ground-water.

How can I make a difference between the 4 metro lines?

In Budapest, metro lines are indicated by colours beyond the numbering (red, blue, yellow and green) for making orientation more simple. Arena Camping is located near M2 (Red Metro) Terminal (Örs vezér tere).

What type of public transport ticket do you suggest to purchase, which has an affordable price and gives you the opportunity of unlimited traveling over a specified period of time?

Please visit the following pages. Here everyone can find the most suitable public transport tickets according to their needs.




We have little time to visit the sights and attractions of Budapest. What is it that we should definitely see?

By giving personalised advices, we will be happy to assist you in organising the sightseeing program that fits into your time.

What is the shortest way to get to the Castle of Sissi in Gödöllő?

The most simple way to reach Gödöllő is to take the HÉV. The Rákosfalva HÉV stop is only a few minutes walk from the campsite. You need to get off at Gödöllő-Szabadság tér.

How can I get to Formula 1 the easiest?

You can reach Hungaroring by taking the HÉV to Szilasliget stop. Rákosfalva HÉV stop is in a few minutes walking distance from the campsite.

Can I feel safe in Budapest as a tourist?

Yes, Budapest is a safe city. Of course, as in every major city, you must be precautious and you need to watch your belongings.

For instance, do not leave values at visible places in your car, pay special attention to your belongings when travelling by public transport, do not change money in the streets and use only reliable taxi companies.

From the city center to the campsite, the fare is about 4,500 HUF.

Is it worth buying tickets for the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus and cruise?

Yes, the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus and cruise ticket offers you a very convenient and flexible way to see the sights of Budapest. You can get off the sightseeing bus at any of the sights, then get on another bus using the same ticket to visit the next interesting attraction.

During the tour, you will hear interesting historical, cultural and folklore information through your earphones, in your native language.

Hop On Hop Off buses run every 15 minutes in holiday season.

What does ruin pub means? 

Ruin pubs are more than simple nightclubs decorated in an interesting way. Just like in cafes, people do not go there only to drink, but to talk about all kinds of topics in the world. Ruin pubs are characterized by eclectic furniture and ancient decay. Visiting ruin pubs has become a lifestyle for today's youth. Do not miss it, it is great to see and experience one of the best export items of today's Hungary.